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What is APA?
All Public Art (APA)- Hello everyone! This time I would tell you more about All Public Art (APA) and everything that's related to All Public Art (APA). Now keep read slowly and remember all of that. Don’t be confused by the name All Public Art (APA). It is about time that artists and people who buy art have a chance to conduct business without giving a commission to a middleman like an art consultant or big auction company. All Public Art is going to disrupt the art market with the APA token.

Supporting All Public Art approach helping a healthful future for the humanities because it brings together consumers and artists, from all walks of lifestyles, who proportion the same not unusual hobby: to make obtaining artwork, exciting, honest and efficient for all. All Public Art serves as a connection between three regions with outstanding capacity: artwork, blockchain generation and the those who create, purchase or sell art. By combining every region into a new, disruptive version of art buying and selling, All Public Art guarantees that there may be an art marketplace that is truthful and useful to creditors and artists alike.

Obtain art is a privilege that contributes to the quality of life in modern society. Households, businesses, institutions, and public spaces are all transformed when art is introduced to the environment. Over the years the art market has continued to change and grow along with the economic climate and now blockchain technology is a new exciting development that will contribute towards its continued success in the 21st century. The TEFAF 2017 Global Art Market Report announced that the global sales of art in 2016 were $45 billion, a 1.7 percent increase on the comparable figure for 2015.

All Public Art Mission
All Public Art mission is part of a movement in technology called 'regtech' the application of technology to the traditional regulatory functions of compliance, auditing, and market surveillance. The regulation of trade in the art market today can be replaced by blockchain's ability to guarantee the validity of a transaction while confirming that the ownership of artwork and the identity records of artists are accurate and remain unaltered.

Art and Blockchain Video

This is 6 Goals of All Public Art Dedicated:
  1. Support artists, sellers, collectors and consumers that trade art;
  2. Reduce counterfeit art in the market through modern identification methods and blockchain tracking technologies;
  3. Enable transparent, publicly auditable transactions between artists, sellers, collectors, and consumers through blockchain technologies;
  4. Increase the quality of the trade process by eliminating the role of the intermediary;
  5. Leverage new and exciting technology to help artists;
  6. Connect the global community of people who love art.

All Public Art Application
All Public Art's mobile app and website has been a success since its launch in 2015. Thanks to our ever-growing community of active users, great art has never been easier to find and share anywhere in the world. Great reviews from artists and art fans have continued to come in as we have continued to develop the app over the years. Follow people whose artistic taste you like, browse artworks, catch up on art news and find art events you can attend. Artists and art enthusiasts from all around the globe can be a part of our community by registering on the website or the app, The momentum we have gathered from all our members and the positive feedback has kept us striving to improve on our previous successes. There could not be a more perfect time for us to capitalize on this momentum and user base to implement our blockchain enabled, transparent, peer-to-peer marketplace.
APA applicaton
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How All Public Art Works?
All Public Art primary objective and long-term goal is peer to peer trading (P2P) in the art market. For that vision to be achieved in the art market, the All Public Art's marketplace has been created. The art market and blockchain technology will seamlessly merge together due to the combination of the fundamental features of the program. There are four key components to the All Public Art trading process:

Artists, art collectors and anyone interested in engaging with the All Public Art community or APA’s services must register on the platform. After registering and creating a profile on or in the mobile app, an artist may post artworks and art related items in exchange for APA tokens.

Unique IDs and Security
When artists and collectors register on All Public Art they will receive a unique ID which will be used to authenticate all their transactions on the blockchain. There will also be four options for Artwork Security:

  • Unique ID with QR code
  • Unique IDs embedded in tamper sensitive stickers and holographic stickers
  • RFID chips (Radio Frequency Identification chips)
  • Micro RFID chip in adhesive applied to the artwork

When an art collector finds an artwork that they want to trade tokens for, they may simply click on the “Acquire Artwork” button to initiate the trade with the artist. A smart contract associated with the trade will be coordinated with All Public Art’s API to document the details of the transaction on the Blockchain as well as transfer the APA tokens to a temporary address and lock them until the artwork is confirmed as received.

Shipping artwork can vary depending on the requirements of the transaction, therefore, All Public Art as provided artists and collectors with the following 2 shipping method options to choose from: 

  • Fine Art Shipping Affiliates for fine art
  • Standard Shipping for small artwork and items

How APA Changing the Global Art Market?
Tracking Data & Reducing Risk
We are creating a new way to track artworks as they are traded, minimizing counterfeit art and building trust within the art market. Blockchain's technology infrastructure is the perfect solution for art trading as it is secure and can be trusted as every transaction on the blockchain is peer-to-peer reviewable.

Connecting Via Smartphones
All Public Art invests its aggregated capital to provide {an efficient and convenient |a convenient and efficient} platform that is {globally accessible and instantaneously functional|instantaneously functional and globally accessible} on Mobile devices. Offering a platform for the art market via smartphones allows All Public Art to broaden its scope of collector and artist connections as they interact in our global network.

Trade Art Globally
When merging the art sector and cryptographic infrastructure, room is opened up for business process optimization. It also provides more {transparent and efficient|efficient and transparent} functioning within the global art market. The introduction of blockchain technology into the art market is associated with reduced costs as there is no longer a need to pay an intermediary a commission.

The Power of Smart Contracts
A smart contract is a blockchain-based program that is inherently superior to traditional contract law due to its transparency, which will bring additional trust and security to the art trading process. Smart Contracts will reduce expensive transaction costs and commissions to intermediaries normally associated with selling art.

Eliminating Intermediary Price Manipulation
Before the launch of All Public Art, all deals between {an artist and a collector|a collector and an artist} had to be conducted through an intermediary. The value of art in the marketplace can be severely affected by illegal price manipulation, collusion, and kickbacks. The artists and the buyer would not know any different if the intermediary had to alter the price, but with the transparency of the All Public Art platform, buyers can engage directly with artists about the price of the art work.

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