Balehu Bucks - Empowering Local Merchants and Consumers Through Blockchain Technology

Balehu Bucks
Why BalehuBuks?
BalehuBucks  provide a much lower risk than other ICO’s. Balehu is an existing US-based company in operation since 2015 and currently in the process of adding cryptocurrency rewards to existing systems and platforms. We operate in a niche market uniquely suited to cryptocurrency rewards and expect high demand for BalehuBucks (BUX) Tokens.

BalehuBucks is Digital Currency and Loyalty Rewards System so as to rejuvenate the connection for local trade via simplifying payment options, sustaining economic transactions, lowering onboarding friction, and keeping loyalty.

Balehu has an All-Star Team with an executable plan and simple road map to success. Check out the Balehu team, roadmap and white paper at:

BalehuBiz is Digital Marketing Solutions for small, nearby traders to without problems locate, interact and maintain clients.

BalehuBot is Real-time concierge cellular app for customers to without problems find out and engage local companies.

Balehu Community of Biz, Bots & Bucks
Balehu is creating an ecosystem that maintains team spirit among a local seller and consumer; it connects neighborhood traders and purchasers through simple and low-priced era.  By integrating sensible era, Balehu is marrying the service provider to the consumer via easy discovery.  As those Balehus emerge as united, a digital cryptocurrency and rewards machine, BalehuBucks, is needed to hold that courting via maintaining economic transactions, lowering onboarding friction, and maintaining loyalty.

Who doesn’t want small, local merchants to thrive of their community?  Small, local traders often get neglected or left at the back of due to a loss of sources to effectively promote their business in this fast-paced virtual age. With BalehuBiz, local traders can effectively reach, have interaction and reveal their customers with a single social media and marketing platform.

Could you believe having your very own personal concierge at your fingertips?  Many mobile apps exist today like Yelp, TripAdvisor, AroundMe and so on, but not often will you find the hidden gemstones like small, local merchants on them because they don’t have the sources or time to manipulate their virtual presence like large corporations do.  Consumers can find out those overlooked local organizations through a single, transparent concierge cellular app, BalehuBot.


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