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BalehuBuks Blockchain Technology

What is The Best Plan of Balehu?
Balehu declares the addition of two key executives to their crew as they equipment up for the release of their BalehuBucks token Crowdsale. Frederick Townes joins as Chief Technical Officer, and Kevin Meilinger steps in as Director of Marketing.

Townes has long been making use of his technical revel in as both a developer and entrepreneur to transform industries, like his hand in digital media as founding CTO of Mashable or the real estate industry with Placester, which he co-based and helped scale as COO and President. Townes’ broad base of knowledge has flourished via working with agencies of all sizes on a couple of continents, from Coca-Cola and Staples to Sony and Microsoft. Townes may be main the improvement of Balehu’s blockchain systems as well as oversee improvements to their virtual advertising equipment and client app.
Balehu Client Application

Who Injecting Balehu?
Balehu brings these two senior hires in as they equipment up for the next section in their local trade platform, which seeks to reinvent grassroots advertising and loyalty rewards. They will accomplish this by injecting Balehu with a blockchain-based token gadget designed to reward the neighborhood merchant and purchaser network. Balehu’s token pre-sale starts on December 1st with the entire ICO release scheduled for February 1st of subsequent 12 months.
Injecting Balehu

Balehu History
Founded in 2015, Denver-based Balehu was established to empower small and local businesses to succeed in today’s digital landscape. BalehuBiz digital marketing solutions provide social media management and data analytics, while their AI-powered BalehuBot mobile app helps bring new customers in the door. Balehu is continuing their commitment to helping merchants leverage the latest technologies through their upcoming ICO of BalehuBucks, an ethereum-based token that will function as a digital currency as well as a loyalty rewards system.


ETH Address: 0x7B9B5AfA6A5B1f5a22244a00755cC819748dB5e9

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