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BALI Coin Descriptions
BALI coin is a digital foreign money primarily based on Ethereum technologies and blockchain with the same old ERC20 smart contracts platform. BALI coin will be the primary cryptocurrency that constructs for tour and tourism enterprise which include Flight Ticket, resorts booking, Accommodation, vehicle condominium or different tourism facility, you can also buy concert tickets, shopping for goods or service with many traders related to the BALI coins network, or event to pay your Online Transportation Service like Uber, Grab and Gojek. ENJOY your Travelling with our at ease, borderless and coffee cost charge machine.

BALI Coin Missions
  • Everything is made easier for the traveler or even businesses associated with the tourism sector. One of the problems is currency conversion dilemma.
  • By imparting cryptocurrency, BALI Coin will make sure that travelers can keep away from the currency conversion costs.
  • Another gain is that vacationer does no longer need to deliver a number of cash on the way to be pointless, that's extraordinarily handy for travelers who're visiting in overseas nations.

BALI Coin Vision
BALI Coin also makes travel easier by helping travelers to avoid bank fees associated with withdrawing money from an ATM or even utilizing credit cards in foreign countries platform.

How to Join With BALI Coin?
Do you want to Support our Project by purchasing BALI Coin Anonymously? you don’t have to register, just send Ether to this address below or Scan the QR Code, after ICO Finish, we will send BALI Coin to your Sender Address, the Minimum purchase is 100 BALI or 0.2 ETH or $168.8714 USD (Live Price)

Warning! Only send your ether from ERC20 Wallet Address that you have Access to the private key, do NOT send Ether directly from Exchanger Address!

You Can Also Buy BALI Coin with Bitcoin (BTC), For more info please log in to your Dashboard

Technology Behind BALI Coin
  • Blockchain Technology. Ethereum Blockchain For Secure, Anonymous and Fast Transactions.
  • Smart Contract. Autonomous Process and Verification.
  • Distributed Ledger. Transparent, Auditable with Zero Intervention Transaction Records.
  • Mobile Apps. Blockchain Connected Mobile App for Android & iOS with User-Friendly Interface.

Get 1000 BALI for Only 1 ETH
Scan QR Code or Copy-Paste promo wallet Address Below for payment with Ethereum, please transfer exact amount, 1 ETH = 1000 BALI, 2 ETH = 2000 BALI.
Warning!  Only send your ether from ERC20 Wallet Address that you have Access to the private key, do NOT send Ether directly from Exchanger Address! All BALI Coin will be distribute after our ICO Finished and Audit is Done.

Countdown Final phase ICO

BALI Coin Team
BALI Coin Team

Advisor and Business Development

BALI Coin Advisors and Business Development

Join With BALI Coin Official

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