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BTCx Definition
BTCx - Hi everyone! I would tell you about BTCx and everything of that. Do not to be confusing about the name BTCx. Please, slowly when reading! It will make you remember all of that.

BTCx pursuits at enhancing the capability and sorting out the volatility and uncertainty because of the infighting in the Bitcoin network. BTCx will be allotted with ICO, so that you can take your BTCx and alternate it on Exchanges. BTCx is the maximum superior model of Bitcoin with smarter, quicker, more secure transaction and lower transfer charges. Privacy Matters! BTCx has non-public transactions so that you can alternate safe!

BTCx Story
I will tell you BTCx story before next step descriptions of BTCx. So, keep reading this step to make you understand all of BTCx.

Bitcoin was made for a wide range of reasons and consistently, individuals find new motivations to use Bitcoin. One of the verifiable reasons is that individuals don't trust states or banks or any other middle person to control their cash. One of the focal segments of the Bitcoin design is mining. Essentially, put miners confirm each exchange and rival each other to get rewards.

BTCx is a hard fork that will launch on November 25th It aims at improving the functioning and sorting out the volatility and uncertainty caused by the infighting within the Bitcoin community.

Prior to hard fork, free BTCx will be distributed with AirDrop, so you can take your BTCx and trade it on November 25th.

BTCx will be the most advanced version of Bitcon with faster, smarter and more secure transaction and lower transfer fees.

We strongly believe that Bitcoin can be better and that is the main reason, BTCx is written in a Turing Complete Language. But we will escalate this after we understand somethings about the network.

Why BTCx is better?
Better beginning from the principles
BTCx is written in Turing Complete Language that's more useful than stack-based language utilized in Bitcoin. To show that something is Turing complete, it's miles sufficient to show that it is able to be used to simulate some Turing complete machine. For example, a vital language is Turing whole if it has conditional branching (e.g., "if" and "goto" statements, or a "branch if zero" guidance; see one education set pc) and the capability to alternate an arbitrary amount of reminiscence (e.g., the ability to maintain an arbitrary number of variables). Since that is nearly always the case, maximum if now not all vital languages are Turing whole if the limitations of finite reminiscence are neglected.

Close to zero intervals
BTCx has quicker transaction pace than Bitcoin with the help of the maximum superior Blockchain generation. The average block c language on Bitcoin is 10 minutes that is 40 instances slower than BTCx's block interval of 14 seconds. Shorter block periods have higher block duplication charge, lowering the overall work of pleasant miners (giving attacking miners an area).

Safety level maximized
Bitcoin makes use of SHA-256 algorithm that produces a number of in hexadecimal layout. Compared to that, BTCx uses Ethash algorithm for safety that is a long way extra advanced in phrases of protection measures.

BTCx Features
The features of BTCx can read below:
  • Better. BTCx is written in Turing Complete Language which is more functional than stack based language used in Bitcoin.
  • Faster. BBTCx has faster transaction speed than Bitcoin with the help of a more advanced Blockchain technology. The average block interval on Bitcoin is 10 minutes which is fourty times slower than BTCx's block interval of 14 seconds.
  • Safer. Bitcoin uses SHA-256 algorithm that produces a numeric in hexadecimal format. Compared to that, BTCx uses Ethash algorithm for security which is far more excellent in terms of safety measures.
  • Smarter. With BTCx, users could create smart contracts much faster than Bitcoin at a cheaper price.


Token Info
  • Token Name: BTCx
  • Decimals: 8
  • The Symbol: BTCx
  • Supply: 21.000.000
  • Contract Address: 0x5A82De3515fC4A4Db9BA9E869F269A1e85300092

BTCx and the others
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Trade BTCx on exchanges and make profit

These wallets compatible with BTCx

Join ICO
Send ETH to the crowdsale address below.
BTCx Crowdsale Address: 0xEA091331357959a265B0075A3c084d7D92E2e176

How to join BTCx crowdsale? Please click the button below.

Hard cap
DO NOT send funds from exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex etc. You have to send ETH funds from your personal Ethereum wallets like MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Parity or Mist
Set Gas Limit to 250 000 (during high-load network)
Set the gas price at 50 GWEI (during high-load network)
BTCx tokens will be sent to the wallet from which the ETH arrived.

Token distribution
Revenue allocation


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