ELIXIR (LIX Coin) - The Dencentralized Assets Platform and Crowdfunding

Elixir (Lix Coin)

Time to Switch Your Platform. Elixir is full game distribution platform and economy. This is the answer to developers who created the big game. It's not only about continuing to your development. But, it's could be stock for your exchange. Get more success very much for you in the future.

The Explanation of Elixir
Elixir will primarily be a game project crowd-funding platform which will allow game ideas to become a reality fairly and efficiently. Elixir will not only provide a faster and more convenient micro-transaction game-currency but will also provide for a full gaming infrastructure and economy to be used by publishers, studios and independent developers alike.  Ultimately, with a fully committed Lix community, no longer will a billion dollar budget be required to produce and distribute a game – simply ideas.

The Steps to Fund Your Game
  1. Issue a crowdfund token in Elixir platform.
  2. Submit design documents.
  3. Sell your tokens.
  4. Develop your dream game project!
Elixir Specification
Coin name: Elixir / Lix coin
Ticker: LIX
Algo: LPOS
Supply: 100,000,000
Full Nodes: 10,000

How to Change Your Gaming Experience?
Players will be able to trade game assets in a decentralized market and through exchange wallets as the game items themselves will be linked to assets in the blockchain.

Players will be able to trade in-game weapons, coins, items, collectibles, custom skins, and other modifications and items in a decentralized market and through exchange wallets. The game items themselves will be assets in the blockchain.

Every function as standard assets in a blockchain, with a specific value representation in-game as game assets or currency which will be easily traded in the exchange wallet without the need for third-party exchange services. Lix aspires to allow players to trade game items beyond the game environment and into reality.

How Elixir Working?
Elixir would be fuel the game economy by providing the platform to create and manage game assets which will be registered on a decentralized blockchain. Once registered on the blockchain, users of participating games could be trade assets both in-game and through wallet exchange too. The global gaming market will reach $108.9 billion globally in 2017, with an increasing share being made up of independent and hobbyist developers. Examples of in-game assets that would be traded in the real economy would be gold coins, land & property, weapons, collectibles, and other such items.

The Team of Elixir
Yogesh Panjabi (Co-Founder/ CEO and Head of Web Dev)
Gaitchs Gangmei (Co-Founder / CFO & Head of Marketing)
Alessandro Sanino (Co-Founder / CTO & Head of Security)
Adarsh Singh (Co-Founder / CCO & Head of Community Building)
Saint Kamei (Business Development / Senior Consultant)
Miguel Azevedo (Marketing Lead / Campaign Head)
João Vicente (Head of Creativity / Lead Graphic Designer)
Ryuichi Suzuki (Head of Japanese Market / Japanese Translator)
Jason Chadwick (Project Manager)

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