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Do You Know About Globcoin?
GLOBCOIN - I would tell you about GLOBCOIN and all related about GLOBCOIN. So keep read slowly and remember all of it. It's not only a revolution to easily, everybody, and at very affordable prices. It's can behave like a principal bank.

GLOBCOIN is a digital Coin that marries the best aspects of current cryptocurrencies and the best aspects of fiat currencies. It's must reflect the world economy including trends and new components such as the booming economies of countries like India or China. While maintaining a good balance currencies of Western economies.

What's Background or History of GLOBCOIN?
GLOBCOIN belongs to a group that was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1998 as Overlay Asset Management by Helie d'Hautefort. The firm’s founder aimed to start a company that would specialize solely in currency management for third parties. In 2001, BNP Paribas bought Overlay Asset Management SA because it was the first independent currency overlay manager in Europe.

Subsequently, the parent company in Switzerland changed its name to OptimInvest. During a successful 10 years’ partnership with BNP Paribas, assets managed reached USD 22 billion, ranking the company in the top 5 world’s leading currency managers. In 2012 key members of the management team decided to move back to OptimInvest Group in Geneva. They decided to take full advantage of the new technologies and offer innovative currency management services. A basket of currencies was launched as the “Wealth Preservation Currency Basket” to protect large clients in a more and more globalized economy.


What's Purpose of GLOBCOIN?
As Marshall Mc Luhan rightly pointed out in his famous metaphor, the digital age is shrinking the world into a “global village”. Our vision is to revolutionize the access of people to currencies, to reinvent for the solutions to protect their wealth in a new multi-polar world. We wanted to make this possible by offering new tools where innovation and experience come together for the benefit of our “Global village” community.

For today many people are in an increasingly global world, but we still think in terms of local currency, we think and live global, but we save local! Our experts have already published several research papers on this paradox (see annex). Until recently these solutions could not be made available to mainstream users. Now we have a solution for this.

GLOBCOIN will soon be able to offer such a basket to every individual on Earth. We will provide the cryptocurrency community with the best solution to ensure not only wealth preservation of their portfolio in fiat currencies terms, but liquidity, stability, and safety at a small cost. Having an ERC20 token eases transferability, and the Globcoin currency basket brings an exposure to the 15 largest economies in the world plus Gold. For this solution to be available to the billions of people these
benefits can attract.

GLOBCOIN Structure
  • Reserve Currency solutions (RCS SA), was established in Zug, Switzerland in 2013 to create and develop managed currency products such as a Global Reserve Currency, an index that can be assimilated to a “World Currency”. RCS owns several pieces of IP related to multi-currency index management.
  • OptimInvest is a currency manager based in Geneva and is a regulated member of OARG (Organisme d’Autorégulation des Gérants de patrimoine). It offers advisory mandates for large institutions and family offices based on the above-mentioned concept of a “world currency”. GLOBCOIN Ltd, our London-based company, created in 2016, currently markets one of the first multi-currency e-wallets linked to a debit card providing interbank rate access to currency markets and free P2P transfers in most world currencies. 

GLOBCOIN Using Dual Token
In order to achieve his vision, GLOBCOIN through RCS Zug, SA, will initially use a Dual Token solution with similarities to what was done with the tokenization of Gold by Digix and the DGX / DGX tokens. We developed two Ether tokens:
  1. GCP, A Utility Token that represents a platform used to issue and access various currency baskets, including but not limited to the World Reserve Currency (GLX).
  2. GLX, a Token representing an exposure to the 15 largest fiat world currencies and Gold. The GLX is 100 % backed by a 1 X 1 ratio. The assets will be in custodian with a Prime Bank meaning that for every GLX issued there will be the collateral in fiat currencies and Gold held at the Bank. GCP Utility Token will be necessary to issue an exchange GLX for fiat currencies. 

How GLOBCOIN Taking currency beyond national borders?
  • ACCESSIBILITY. Used by Central Banks, very few people would have access to the network necessary to construct such an offering themselves. No retail bank or broker currently offers such a basket.
  • FLEXIBILITY. The Platform will provide flexibility to investors and allows them to express a view of a country or a group of currencies, or to hedge against the weakening of others.
  • STABILITY. The first basket to be launched, corresponding to the World Reserve Currency (which we call GLX), will enable its holders to tactically switch to the most stable instrument, proven historically to be even more stable than the Swiss Franc.
  • SCALABILITY. This system allows Globcoin to create bespoke baskets for different markets.

How GLOBCOIN Working?
A multicurrency prepaid Mastercard®
Simple, safe and efficient, GLOBCOIN is the perfect solution for anyone looking to save money when traveling or sending money abroad.
Buy and sell currencies in a tap
Hold and instantly convert money between your wallets and start spending in more than 37 millions locations.
Exchange without limits

Send money to your friends instantly
Access the GLOBCOIN network to transfer money safely to Globcoiners card-to-card or to any traditional bank account.
Transfer money instantly

GLOBCOIN a new traveling standard

  • Interbank FX rates
  • Free unlimited FX volumes
  • Free travel medical insurance
  • Lock / Unlock your card
  • Android / iOS app
  • Personal IBAN
  • Free card to card transfer
  • Pre-trip Conciergerie service

Token Sale, Technology, and Security
Token sale, technology, and security

Countdown of GLOBCOIN ICO
Pre-ICO: 8-12 January 2018
ICO: 13-31 January 2018

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