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What is Hdac?
I will introduce you to the name Hdac. Hdac will improve our quality of life, which is the most reliable way of thinking, considering that many do not yet know how to use bitcoin and crypto in real life. This is a common problem for everyone. But the best solution we need has come to the desired progress. Hdac, ICO this project is heard among crypto industry fans. A brief explanation of Hdac may not be enough for you, but at least it can help you in getting some ideas.

The number of bitcoin investors in the world is on the rise and bitcoin is at the crossroads of many financial markets. In this case, the bitcoin world is seen as "the main currency of cryptocurrency ". The largest volume of transactions after Bitcoin (BTC) is Ethereum (ETH). Although the level of ETH or BTC in June reached 0.15, now it drops to 0.058. Serious congestion has also been linked to common problems with the use of smartest ethereum contract technology and the process of the waste gash. This poses a serious problem for subconcepts that use smart contract technology Ethereum. For that reason, Ethereum is not a fatal threat to bitcoin. As can be seen in many other similar examples, it is understood that cryptocurrencies that cannot be used in everyday life will never replace Bitcoin.

Why should Hdac?
Although many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Hdac is a form of crypto money that can connect with everyday life that will go beyond investment methods. It is estimated that in the near future, a society will be established which is strongly associated with the digital innovation that developed with the fourth industrial revolution. Advanced technology will combine cryptocurrency, the blockchain, and IoT (Objects of the Internet) currencies for future generations. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, which only have investment value, the success of cryptocurrency money depends on how often and comfortably services in everyday life. Beyond profitable investment methods, Hdac will go beyond the widely used and widely used payment methods.

Hdac is technically very different. It is based on an established IoT platform. It has a processing speed that is much faster than other payment methods and can transfer data to other IoT devices almost instantly. The targets are seen as contracts, settlements, loans and investments, taxes and bill payments, and car rentals, and provide large amounts of payments. Although there is a similar system, there is no practical method like Hdac.

Internet Object (IoT)
This technology, like ICBM or IoT Yada Cloud, is seen as one of the promising new technologies of the fourth industrial revolution in the global industrial market. Objects are defined as "networks that are universally formed around objects that can be addressed in a unique way, and the objects in these networks must communicate with each other through certain protocols". This concept is like a system of devices that communicate with each other through various communication protocols and create intelligent networks by sharing information and sharing information. However, to achieve this, connection and reliability between devices must be ensured. In other words, it is important to eliminate the insecurity and security threats that come with the convenience of the Internet.

IoT Application Blocking
In an environment like smart-house or smart factory, there are various devices (IoT) equipped with sensors and connected to each other. It is possible to create a special blockchain that can be operated reliably by considering the condition of each device. Private block chains not only authenticate users but also authenticate between devices, allowing transaction details to be processed in the IoT Agreement. In addition, this particular block of chains that are formed will interact with the generic block of blocks that have been running. In addition to making block payments and microphone payments, we will make in accordance with usage, P2P payments in common block circuits are also possible.

ICO Information
The İCO from Hdac will start on November 27 and will end on December 22nd. I think this project is suitable for investment. Planned technology and a pretty good team. This is a wonderful project that will bring good results.

LET JOIN With Hdac
Website: https://hdac.io

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