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What is ModulTrade?
ModulTrade - Hello everyone! For this time I will tell you information about ModulTrade and everything of that's related with ModulTrade. So keep read slowly and remember all about that. Don’t be confused with the name ModulTrade. Be a part of this revolutionary change in how ModulTrade working around the globe.

ModulTrade is blockchain generation can be used to construct a consumer’s platform which could append a module of considering into the B2B trade cycle, whilst simplifying the execution of transactions and decreasing their expenses. ModulTrade has laid the foundations for growing a cost atmosphere for global exchange: a digital blockchain networked cost structure that is actual-time, global, linked, virtual and price-powerful, with functions to assist in addition fintech solutions evolved by using third events.

A ModulTrade platform that's based on a smart settlement atmosphere will provide MSMEs with an entire variety of financial offerings as properly minimizing transactions and supporting international alternate with modern and rising markets.

Why We Need ModulTrade?
When we use the ModulTrade ecosystem, millions of MSMEs around the world will be connected to agree, execute, and negotiate trades that benefit parties relevant practically.

Businesses will only be matched with believed suppliers that have their reputation verified. All of the everything funds involved in trades would be transparent while trades recorded in ledgers are 100% verified as best are tracked to the point of transmission.

How ModulTrade Working?
The blockchain is used in the platform in unique methods:
  • A smart agreement platform that replaces traditional financial units like credit letters or financial institution guarantees as well as disposing of intermediaries like banks and lawyers.
  • Introducing the MTRc token, an Ethereum ERC20-based token or cryptocurrency which allows seamless alternate at the platform thanks to a worldwide currency. The MTRc token may be accessible to all businesses as well as permitting MSMEs to apply the token in negotiating and executing trades.

If using the MTRc token, ModulTrade hopes to turn out to be one of the few pioneers who need to enhance the trade finance industry by way of connecting thousands and thousands of MSMEs as well as corporations in a trustful, easy way, and efficient.

ModulTrade Solve The Problem and Solution
The Problem Solve
ModulTrade addresses the needs of small enterprises by eliminating the traditional barriers to entry in the global trade. This is three points you must know: 
  • Lack of trust
  • High entry costs
  • Complexity of trade-related operations
The Solution
ModulTrade connects small enterprises to global trade via four main components: 
  • Blockchain-based Smart-contract platform
  • Trade-related services platform
  • Trade and Reputation Network
  • Marketplaces
ModulTrade Market

ModulTrade Token Sale Video

ModulTrade’s Token Sale

Why Need to Buy MTRc?
  • Support creation of ModulTrade ecosystems.
  • Become a holder of a new instrument for value exchange with a huge potential to grow.
  • Finance B2B trade transactions on ModulTrade platform for a fee.

Token Distribution Terms
Terms of token distribution

The ModulTrade token sale
ModulTrade will hold a token sale for the MTRc token.
Token name: MTRc
Token base: Ethereum (ERC-20 compliant)
Token supply: 100,000,000 (10,000,000 on sale during the pre-sale – 30,000,000 on sale during the public token sale)
Token sale duration: November 2017
Token sale target: 15,000 ETH
Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 700 MTRc
Token sale
AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that we NEVER publish neither send any wallet address via email to the token sale participants. The only place where you can find the wallet address to participate in token sale is your personal cabinet on
Discount of token sale
Countdown 10% discount end

Trade volume growth
Volume growth

ModulTrade Team

ModulTrade Advisors

Join With ModulTrade Official

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