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Background of SyncFab
The number one task of SyncFab is to foster reshoring. We agree with that production locally is high-quality for the planet as Governments and People care greater how matters are made when manufactured domestically in place of "out of sight, out of mind." To this purpose in 2013, SyncFab created an enterprise first online design-to-manufacture interactive deliver chain environment partnering teachers, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers and substances suppliers with local industry. In 2016, SyncFab was recreated in response to a financial development task supplied by means of San Leandro City as part of the San Francisco Mayor's Office of Civic Innovation Startup-in-Residence Program.

SyncFab is now constructing the biggest community of superior manufacturing capacity to healthy with supply chain shoppers within the innovation demand hotbed of California & past. SyncFab changed into diagnosed via the White House as a member of the United States Department of Energy Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Initiative within the US Department of Commerce's National Network of Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI). As a CESMII partner, SyncFab continues to be a part of the communication and implementation of DOE driven requirements for Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing. We proudly help clever manufacturing for the clean local delivery chain of the destiny summarized in our three middle tenets to "Make Smart, Make Local and Make Clean."

Parts production as easy
  1. Submit & manage your RFQ's with custom options for production speed, materials, and certifications.
  2. Select the best on-demand quote and order from our dynamic machine shop network.
  3. Track your order with real-time notifications on production and shipping updates.


Blockchain SyncFab

Syncfab revolutionizes the producing deliver chain through connecting consumers immediately to hardware manufacturers thru blockchain.

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