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What's eGold?
Hello everyone! This time I would tell you more about eGold and everything that's related to eGold. Now keep read slowly and remember all of that. Don’t be confused by the name eGold. eGold, allows the eSports betting community to feel the next level of gaming experience and be connected in a unified eSports ecosystem based on cryptographic security.

ESports - With the growing quantity of fanatics following the digital competitions, tournaments international, and the growing popularity of video games. eSports is becoming the hallmark recreation for plenty generations to come. Now, eSports are regarded and played predominantly via the contemporary generations (Y and Millennials, additionally referred to as the Z Generation). Considered as one in all the most important technology organizations in records, Millennials are transitioning into their high spending years and are anticipated as the new target market which could restart the way enterprise is performed in lots of industries. Millennials grew up playing video games and this medium has emerged as certainly one of their main methods to socialize and build groups.

The eSports experts, fans, and admirers maintain the superb potential to shape a robust and united worldwide community with the intention to enhance and further develop the eSports scene on an international scale.

Project Overview
Cryptocurrencies are taking over the having a bet international where eSports is growing in importance at an exponential price yearly with its range of fans, enthusiasts, and fanatics. Instant low-value transactions are something that the having a bet international has wished for a totally long-term and cryptocurrencies will simply enhance that. Blending that with the high computer literacy of people involved in eSports makes the marriage between eSports betting and cryptocurrencies an ideal healthy. Realizing this want, UltraPlay turned into one of the first issuers to adopt bitcoins inside the online gaming industry, permitting iGaming operators, who required the huge benefit of blockchain technology to offer it to their gamers for faster and cozier transactions.

The Mission
eGold Mission

Market Opportunity and Use-case
Truly illustrate the capability proposed here, eGold gladly present use-cases for eGold that illustrate the big present marketplace opportunities. At it's middle, we envision eGold as a unifier of all the gaming and eSports groups worldwide. As a result, eGold might be integrated with our newest website buff88. Come as soon as it is to be had.

eGold is:
  • Decentralized and automated
  • Transparent and secured
  • Innovative payment method 
Following its project to deliver innovatively and advanced having a bet solution, UltraPlay’s crew of specialists another time units it's bar higher and pursuits to offer within the close to future the first eSports having a betting platform, based at the Blockchain technology. This imaginative and prescient is predicted to be reached via the constant help and the combined understanding, revel in and dedication of the eSports and crypto specialists, lovers, and punters - all deeply concerned and actively contributing to the worldwide gaming and crypto community. Realizing the present problems available on the market right now - the lack of transparency and inadequate safety, we're committed to working collectively with the complete community inquisitive about the mission for creating a disruptive making a betting platform and step similarly into the online gaming global. Achieving the decentralized nature of the platform will make it the final solution for all gamers searching out modern-day era and natural leisure - speedy and smooth.



Token Distribution
  • 2% for the eGold bounty program activities
  • 6% of all tokens will be dedicated to the eGold advisors
  • 6% for the eGold team to ensure long-term dedication
  • 11% of all tokens are needed to cover our marketing budget
  • 12% of tokens are to be placed in cold storage contingency reserve
  • 13% of all tokens are reserved for the development budget
  • 50% of the minted tokens will be sold in the eGold presale and sale
Token distribution

Fund Allocation
Fund allocation
Betting Reserve
To ensure the smooth betting process and truly unlimited bets in the initial stages we will need a large enough betting reserve in order to have sufficient liquidity for the automatic payout of all the winning bets.

We need to acquire the best staff to guarantee the development of the smart contracts for deposits and withdrawals. Then, we will focus on expanding the integrated blockchain elements with the betting API.

In the initial stages of eGold, we need a substantial marketing budget in order to ensure mass adoption, large-coverage, and brand recognition. Promoting eGold and promoting eSports go hand in hand so our marketing efforts will be beneficial to the community from the start.

The smallest portion of the funds will be for the team behind the eGold project. To ensure full alignment of interests these funds will be vested with a six months cliff.

eGold Partners and Media

Team and Advisors


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