PHI Token – The Evolution of Asset Management

The Evolution of Asset Management
PHI Token

PHI Token Background

DIAMAN Allies LTD means to create the initial System for Crossbreed Investment (PHI), which allows financial investments in all property courses and investment lorries including crypto properties. Its goal is to give clients with a fully digitized system on which to handle all cost savings and also investments.

PHI Token Introduction

The Worldwide Riches Monitoring market has been thriving thanks to high returns produced from the twenty-year bond rallies and also from the backs of the American equity indices and Emerging Markets. This positive scenario integrated with the inadequate economic knowledge of clients has allowed the industry to produce and keep inefficiencies as well as high prices in the distribution and also the administration of financial items.

The future of the economic market as well as the price at which it is, as well as has been running at, is not encouraging. With bond returns holding an no or even negative value as well as the stock exchange carrying an actual development price for nearly a decade, it appears not likely that the industry will undoubtedly be able to maintain such patterns.

The Evolution of Asset Management
The actual wealth management industry

The main critical issues that need to be addressed are listed below:
  1. High costs mainly due to outdated and labor-intensive operating models;
  2. Limited access to multiple investment opportunities, resulting in poor results for the client;
  3. Sale of captive products without real competition between asset managers.
With returns predicted to be low, it emerges that the industry will not have the ability to cover the high expenses from the inefficiencies. Additionally, stress is increased from emerging Fintech companies, such as the Robo Advisors, which are acquiring market share, particularly in the USA.

Why PHI Token?

The PHI platform will solve the critical problems of the Wealth Management industry due to the following reasons:
  1. It will reduce the commercial supply chains via digitalization and lower the costs of providing investment services.
  2. It will enable you to invest in multiple investment vehicles, including Crypto Assets which represent a fantastic investment opportunity.
  3. It will create a comparison between Asset Managers and Wealth Managers by stimulating competition and therefore obtaining better returns for the customer.

PHI Token TGE Overview

The Token Generation Occasion (TGE) will be in 3 stages: Pre-Sales will enable you to reserve the PHI Tokens with a substantial discount, to inspire the significant crypto exchanges to provide the PHI Tokens on their systems, for an optimal number of 3.524,578 Tokens; the second stage is Pre-ICO which will allow you to get an optimum of 3,524,578 Symbols with a 21% discount while ICO that will undoubtedly be accomplished with lowering discount rates, as well as much as a maximum of 7,881,196 Symbols, will be made available.

The Evolution of Asset Management
Token Generation Event (TGE) phases

Robo Advisors Analysis

The Robo Advisor platforms currently active on the market, to achieve the cost reduction have effectively eliminated:
  1. The individual financial advisor
  2. The network of managers for the management of consultants
  3. Active management funds
  4. Analysts and research
  5. Competition between managers
Points 2 and also 4 (especially for those that adopt measurable administration models such as DIAMAN) are an exceptional selection as well as stand for an actual expense reduction for the client. Points 1,3 and also 5 are additionally essential for the monitoring of client assets.

The Importance of Crypto Assets

Today every person mentions the Crypto-Assets beginning with Bitcoin, which in a few years has valued thousands of times thanks to its scarcity features incorporated with the fascination that the Blockchain technology is having in many company sections.

The Evolution of Asset Management
Crypto assets

Plainly their very high volatility, which obtains primarily from the supply as well as need as well as an inefficient framework (assume for example to the feasible arbitrages between the different exchanges) makes it a highly speculative product. Utilizing the principle of diversity, it is clear that the Crypto-currency must be gotten with care and also in the ideal percentages.

PHI Token Transparent in Finance

One of the critical facets of money is transparency, particularly for arising brand names. It is vital for procedures, costs, and approaches to be offered as well as clear to make a specific count of potential clients.

The Italian legislation for intermediaries states that the consumer data (arising from the KYC process) is signed up in a single computer archive which must be un-modifiable.

The Evolution of Asset Management
Transparent in Finance

Having been a monetary intermediary for four years in Italy, Diaman has embraced this one-of-a-kind data-processing archive provided by a specialized software business; This archive needs to have been unmodifiable. However, it was a pity that it was based upon a Microsoft Access database.

Seasoned software programmers would undoubtedly have ridiculed such implementation however options for a typical application was not that clear till the development of the blockchain.

How Does PHI Use The Blockchain?

PHI will implement a Blockchain Document Management System (BDMS) to ensure what has been agreed upon is captured, stored easily, and ensure that documents cannot be altered.

The primary purpose of BDMS is to ensure the authenticity of all documents in the system following 3 key principals:
Immutability - Ensuring that once the document is added to the repository it cannot be modified
Authenticity - A document must be verifiable by anyone that has access to it
Timestamp - A reasonable assurance about the date the document was added to the repo

The focus of this document repository will be used a wide range of documents, including but not limited to:
  • KYC
  • AML
  • Contracts
  • Advise Recommendations

Use of resources

With the issuance of Tokens, DIAMAN has the possibility to raise the necessary capital to bring the PHI project to success all over the world.

The resources raised are of two types:
  1. The ETHs collected by the underwriters that can be used for business development.
  2. The non-distributed PHI Tokens that can be used by management for various for business development activities.
This is the expected distribution:

The Evolution of Asset Management
ETHs collected and non-distributed PHI Tokens

The Evolution of Asset Management
Pie Graph

The ETH and EDO that will be collected by the ICO in exchange for the PHI Tokens will be used for the development of the business according to this distribution:

The Evolution of Asset Management
ETH and EDO that will be collected

The Evolution of Asset Management
Pie Graph

PHI Asset Management Platform

The Crossbreed System for Hybrid Investments integrates a lot of these worths, enabling the Asset supervisors, the Wide range Managers and also the Financial Planners to be able to open up several management lines on which to support their consumers however also to acquire customers that are not adhered to by any kind of Financial Planners as well as who will spend their loan using the only platform that permits specialist investing of investment also in the arising asset class of Crypto-Assets through financial products related to these tools.

This digitalized system entirely will be the core of the project, as it is altogether ingenious in the business version, with the full opening to numerous Depositary Banks, multiple Property Managers as well as subsequently different management designs, countless Financial Advisors, practically full availability of financial tools from throughout the world, basically, an absolutely 360-degree system able to satisfy not only the requirements of private and also HNWI clients but likewise the needs of institutional clients who can designate their assets by picking from hundreds of different property managers at really competitive prices. The opportunity of disengaging and transforming within a day instead of months.

Its operation is described in the infographic below:

The Evolution of Asset Management
Infographic of PHI asset management platform

PHI Other Products

- Securitization Cell Company
  • Arbitrage strategy between different Exchange
  • Arbitrage and Lending strategy on Bitcoin Future and Currency
  • Active Index of best 15 -CryptoAssets
  • Opportunities strategies investing in
- ICOs and TGE Tokens
- PIF and AIF Funds
- DIAMAN Sicav

PHI Other Services

  1. Hybrid Platform for Advisory
  2. Newsletter services

Software and Financial Indicators

  1. Corporate Bond and Governative Rating Services
  2. Funds Rating
  3. Ex-Ante Equity
  4. Ex-Ante Crypto


The completion of the technological project is foreseen by the end of 2018, these are the salient works from the point of view of the TGE and from the point of view of the various platforms:

The Evolution of Asset Management
Roadmap of PHI token

The Team

The Board of the company will consist of three people, Daniele Bernardi, Chairman and CEO of the company, Francesco Cain CFO, and Alex Vella COO. The team for the realization of the PHI Token has integrated into the structure several notable personalities who have gained international experience, some of them will joint the DIAMAN Partners as employees after the ICO.

The Evolution of Asset Management
The team of PHI token

Note: All about this project are explained better in the full white paper, this is an extract.

PHI Token Official


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