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What is Tipper?

Tipper - Hello everyone! This time I would tell you more about Tipper and everything that's related to Tipper. Now keep read slowly and remember all of that. Don’t be confused by the name Tipper. Tipper is the revolutionary decentralized social media platform founded on tipping, a game-changing paradigm shift that brings unlimited monetization for all humans (users) and hails the end of view fraud, censorship, and demonetization.

With Tipper, they introduce the next paradigm of social media sites. They spent the last years understanding the blood circulation of electronic material; now it's time to grasp the art of flowing digital wealth. Initially, there was the birth of the social network; currently, advancement gives rise to the Social Economy of Tipper.

Tipper Mission

Time invested online is higher than just a now; it's a primary way of living that occupies a considerable portion of individuals lives. A significant amount of human power and resources that go into social media-- time, creativity, energy as well as money-- is significantly underutilized and also can be made use of for something a lot better. This tremendous power put into social media, has to be converted into economic opportunity, precisely as we relocate further into the age of automation. Tipper's main aim is to use this vast quantity of human power, time and resources to develop an economic community where everybody has the money making the chance on every level done in one location.

Tipper is the first decentralized social networks platform to be based on two-way money making. This next generation platform will balance the money making formula and advantages for all customers by incentivizing idea society; a system that equips as well as benefits preferred material creators, frequent customers, as well as marketers all alike; a platform that harnesses the consolidated power of individuals to bring revolutionary change for the individual and also the collective.

Companies like Uber and also Airbnb, have acknowledged the power of making use of individuals and their resources (spaces, cars), have accepted the future, by bringing a monetization opportunity to the masses. These companies transformed the world because they created a method for average individuals to make more income.

Thus, Tipper will undoubtedly come to be for Social network what Uber and also Airbnb happened to be for motorists as well as people with spare rooms, yet with content as the asset that customers will undoubtedly monetize from. The Tipper platform will undoubtedly enable everyone to monetize their online task as well as obtain a great deal more from life.

The Content Marketplace of Tipper

Were you know Vsauce from the beginning? Were you one of the first to find that Pewdiepie would be significant? Envision if you might have bought shares right into their networks at first and accompanied them on the trip! On Tipper, you could now monetize from identifying bright web content manufacturers that will go big and join them for the flight by investing in them.

Tipper is developing the globe's first real web content market, developing a whole brand-new world of possibility where content is the product. Eventually, content investing will significantly enhance the business economics of the on-line globe, because the material is many assets with unlimited need from entertainment to education that we look for daily, hourly, throughout the world.

The web content industry, where content investing will undoubtedly occur, is an arena where all web content will be on display screen for different degrees of investments, uploaded by material developers who wish to put their channel or private content up for financial investment.

Content Marketplace

Content Marketplace, My Investments
The various types of investment opportunities include – but are not limited to – monthly subscription-based investments, channel investments for long-term investments, and short-term investments such as daily and weekly pre-released content for short-term gains. The content marketplace will consist of many investment opportunities for all users at various levels, depending on their stimulation score.

Content Investing Example
Tipper will undoubtedly create more independent individuals that will have actual earnings and possessions in this brand-new economic situation and also come to be guarded against the future onslaught of widespread automation. Material investing will undoubtedly work as a basic engine of bringing riches right into the Tipper economy; an actual money-in system that offers enormous value to the Tipper tip coin (also referred to as tippers or ideas), the Tipper Social Economy's currency of commerce.

Tipping Model

Say goodbye to such as-- just suggestions. A brand-new standard is birthed. "Suches as," "ballots," as well as "views" restrict the result of revealing appreciation, which loses the unmatched money-making opportunity for the plenty of customers driving social media with all their wit, creative thinking, as well as power. However, pointers are limitless, as a result of the variety of human sentiments as well as feelings.

Turning likes into tips
Tipper not just makes gaining on any type of given blog post the norm, but now there's no limitation to precisely what you can earn on that message, opening up a Pandora's box of unmatched monetization opportunity, and be offering viral a whole brand-new significance. Tipper is producing a world where a post could pay for your coffee or make you a millionaire. Tipper is the ultimate patronage "ecosystem" that pays both methods and hence incentivizes 'tipping.' The more a user stimulates the social economy by tipping various other users, the more opportunities they obtain to make.

Content Investing

For the first time ever, Tipper introduces the world to the epoch-making feature of Content Investing. Tipper will be the world's first Content Marketplace, where all users will be able to invest and earn from each other's content. A revolutionary two-way monetization opportunity like no other.

Content investing

Content creator:

On Tipper, Sarah doesn't need to build up a large audience to make revenue. Sarah sold shares of her channel too early supporters and got the funds she needed for greater success.

Content investor:

Mike loved Sara's vision and invested in Sara's channel. Mike earns 5% of whatever Sarah earns. Mike will also promote Sarah that revenues grow for them all. The ultimate win-win.


Monetizing big moments. Moments that bind millions, will earn millions.
Tip the moment. The world we live in is full of exciting and unforgettable moments - moments that we collectively share and celebrate. That game-winning goal, that history-making performance. Now, for the first time ever, with Tipper, moments that bind millions, will earn millions. Tipper is now enabling the creators of those moments, and the people celebrating them, to monetize on them together by enabling users to tip these moments. These moments will be utilized to raise funds to buy revenue-generating assets for the people. Momentized revenue will go back into the Tipper Social EconomyTM, for peer-to-peer circulation. A new era of crowdfunding that serves the people.

Epic moments

Tipper AD Model

Tipper is all about monetization for every user so that the people can thrive. That's why 100% of all ad revenue coming into the Tipper platform goes to the users - where it should rightfully be given. This revolutionary incentive is designed to stimulate the Tipper Social Economy, as billions of advertising dollars will be spread amongst the people. This is made possible by the low cost of Tipper's decentralized network.

Branded tip sponsors
Branded Tips are also a game-changing model for advertisers. It's a revolutionary double benefit, as advertisers buy ad space (eye traffic) and also get their money converted to Branded TipsTM (smart tips with a message) which they tip directly to the users they want to reach.

Tipper Decentralized Content Network

  • P2P Driven
  • Decentralized Platform on the scale of YouTube, Facebook and beyond
  • New Content Staking nodes | $100s of millions of extra earning besides mining for people who host videos

Tipper Blockchain Currency of Commerce

  • 50,000+ transactions/s for payments (tipping)
  • 250,000+ microtransactions/s, for high volume data (micropayments for monetizing video decentralization)
  • New Transaction Mining (more earning for miners)
  • Multi-chain Mining (breaking mining pools)

Moment Fund Allocation

  1. 10% of total funds raised by the moment will go to the stimulator of the moment, i.e $ronaldo will receive 10% for the goal that created the moment.
  2. 30% of total funds raised by the moment will be randomly tipped back to select participants of the moment. This money will be split 70/30 amongst two groups of the select participants. Participants who quickly tipped the moment in the first part of the time window will get 70%, while the rest will get 30%.
  3. 20% of total funds raised by the moment will be redistributed out to all users through the tip redistribution process.
  4. 40% of the funds raised by the moment will go towards Tipper initiatives, such as the purchase of such companies whose services or products can bring a value-add to the lives of Tipper users for the people. The revenues from these assets will be brought back into the Social Economy, allocated between redistribution and increasing the basic income group.
These initiatives will be proposed and voted upon by the Tipper community. In this way, momentization truly allows everyone to get so much more out of these incredible moments that have always had the potential to inspire so much economic activity and input, yet never until now have been channeled for the economic benefit of the people.

Momentization: The Money Flow Model

Roadmap of Tipper


Tipper Team 1

This is the Tipper Team 1

Team 1

Tipper Official

Contact: contact@tippereconomy.io
Website: https://www.tippereconomy.io/token/index.html
Whitepaper: https://www.tippereconomy.io/Documents/TIPPER_WHITEPAPER_DRAFT_1.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tippereconomy
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tippereconomy
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HjnmdhAb4dOBxP8eaiNmoA
Bounty thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3088509.0


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