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Doctor Smart
Doctor Smart
Doctor Smart is a platform for healthcare that uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to integrate innovative new technologies with the infrastructure of the traditional healthcare system, such as insurance companies and offline medical facilities. The implementation of smart contracts allows them to introduce telemedicine services to insurance programs while reducing costs for the provision of online consultations by automating large parts of the process for all parties.

Doctor Smart will help young qualified specialists to find employment while helping established medical specialists to secure some additional income. That includes fitness instructors, nutritionists, veterinary doctors and many more. It also gives an opportunity to work without insurance and conduct price arbitrage between different countries.

Doctor Smart Ecosystem

Doctor Smart will offer a variety of solutions in the sphere of telemedicine, including online video consultations with doctors and other healthcare specialists, integration with wearable medical devices, a support system for medical decisions, a blockchain-based rating system to evaluate medical specialists, AI medical solutions, and integration with many different ecosystems and databases that store medical information.

Doctor Smart is developing a comprehensive system of healthcare services that will enable customers from many countries to have consultations and receive care for various medical and health-related lifestyle issues in one-window mode both offline and online. In this section, Doctor Smart describe the full functionality of the ecosystem that Doctor Smart plans to implement by 2020.

Doctor Smart Ecosystem
Doctor Smart Ecosystem

Doctor Smart Platform Technology

The Doctor Smart Platform contains several key elements that will help facilitate consistent improvements in both the speed and the quality of all services provided within the ecosystem:

Data Bank - a structured database containing medical information, including the results of all consultations provided within the ecosystem, as well as the data that can be integrated from external sources, including third-party systems.

Decision Support System (DSS) - an intelligent automated service that supports medical decisions and carries out comprehensive quality control of all consultations provided within the system.

Rating Module - allow customers to assess the quality of care, advice, and recommendations by rating the received consultations.

Smart Queue Module - a patient-queueing and doctor-patient matchmaking system that helps to select a doctor automatically based on AI data, ratings and certifications related to the subject of the consultation.

Cloud Medical Information System - a cloud solution for consultants and clinics working within the Doctor Smart Ecosystem.

Blockchain Platform - uses a combination of the Ethereum public blockchain and Quorum private blockchain; it has a blockchain-native DSTT token that should facilitate further development of the ecosystem, as well as provide the incentive for all its participants.

Doctor Smart Token Information

Name: Doctor Smart
Token Symbol: DSTT
Token Price: 1 DSST = 0.001 ETH
Hard-cap: $ 50 million
Soft-cap: $ 5 million
Minimum Purchase: 0.1 ETH
Private Pre-Sale: April 17, 2018 - May 15, 2018
General Alerts: May 16, 2018 - July 30, 2018

Target of ICO

To achieve our goals, it will be of great importance to attract physicians and patients from all over the world. This will allow us to improve access to healthcare services for patients from poor and underdeveloped countries.

Doctor Smart ICO Target
ICO Target

Token Sale of Doctor Smart

Doctor Smart Token Sale
Token Sale

Flow Consultations

Doctor Smart Flow Consultations
Flow Consultations

How to Use Doctor Smart Services

After a simple registration procedure, customers will get access to their Client Account. There they will choose the specialist they need from a variety including doctors (e.g. general practitioners, gynecologists, pediatricians), wellness specialists (e.g. nutritionists, fitness instructors, psychologists) or even vets. All communication (video chat, voice chat or consultation chat) can be conducted using either a computer, tablet or smartphone. The Smart Queue system will automatically select a doctor for each patient request using AI data, previous ratings, certifications relevant to the subject of the requested consultation, as well as the participant’s level in the Doctor Smart loyalty program. The target waiting time for the selection of a specialist is less than one minute.

After the system finds a suitable specialist, a secure connection will open between the specialist and the customer to facilitate the consultation. During the consultation, the client will receive advice from the qualified specialist and recommendations for further action. After that, each consultation users will be given the opportunity to assess the quality of the service by rating it. The average rating of a specialist is influential within the system in many ways, from the frequency of supervisor inspections (to monitor the quality of service) to the frequency of distribution of patients from the queue.

As a result of the consultation, patients may need to take medical tests or to consult a specialist offline. Doctor Smart’s clients will be able to schedule a subsequent appointment immediately following the online consultation in the Client Account (more details on clinics’ and laboratories’ participation in the platform can be found below). Following the online consultation, the patient may need to buy medication, which in some cases should also be done through the Client Account using electronic prescriptions. Electronic prescriptions will enable users to buy the necessary medication without seeing the doctor offline, including from the online stores connected to the system (they will require an ID). Depending on the country and its legislation, the rules of online stores and the list of available medication may differ.

In addition to teleconsultations, other services will be available through the Client Account. Such services will include “the second opinion” (an opportunity to get an expert opinion from a relevant medical specialist based on the documents provided by the patient: medical reports, medical images and test results), interpretation of test results, AI-based interpretation of medical images and other services, including those created on the Doctor Smart Open API.

How to Use Doctor Smart Services
Doctor Smart Services
The customers will be able to see their electronic medical records, history of teleconsultations and appointments, results of tests and medical procedures, prescribed medication and their history of actions and payments in the Client Account at any time. This will be achieved with direct integration using existing EMR/EHR based on the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources standard (HL7/ FHIR). This integration will also give access to labs, prescriptions, video discharge notes, radiology files, open notes and more.

The Client Account will also contain the Wellness section that will take aggregated data from any fitness devices or applications used by the customers and provide a gamified, visual assessment of the customers’ progress in improving their overall wellness, including ‘levels’ which indicate the quality of care of their own health. The system will provide recommendations for improving quality of life that are based on AI-processed data.

How to Use Doctor Smart Services
Doctor Smart Services

How Specialists Use the Service

Before specialists start using the platform they will have to take several specific actions. First, they will have to pass an automated test running on the AI-core of the Decision Support System (DSS). The test will be randomly generated from a set of conditions and will aim to admit to the system only those doctors that possess enough knowledge about relevant standards and are able to rely on such standards comparing indications and contra-indications of the prescribed medication and procedures. In addition to the test, the doctor may be required to provide information about their education, results of their certifications and other data (the exact list will depend on the doctor’s specialization and region).

After a doctor or wellness expert performs all of the necessary actions, the Specialist’s Account will become available to them. By activating “Services” mode, they will become eligible to take patients from the queue and, after reading about the reason for the requested appointment, provide a consultation. During the consultation, the doctor will be able to expand the current session to the board of doctors, and connect in real time with another relevant specialist or, if necessary, contact the patient’s family to inform them about treatment, prescribed procedures, and other circumstances.

After the consultation, the specialist will be able to check the gained income. The quality of consultations provided by Doctor Smart specialists will be monitored by supervisors who will check one out of ten consultations provided by a particular specialist. They will also check all consultations that received a low rating from a customer. Supervisors will be chosen from amongst the most experienced specialists within the system and who are experts in the necessary sphere. In case of poor quality of services that are below Doctor Smart’s standards, the specialist may be fined or lose admission to the platform.

Doctor Smart Specialists Services
Specialists Services


Doctor Smart Roadmap

The Partners

Doctor Smart Partners

The Team of Doctor Smart

Doctor Smart Team

Doctor Smart Team

Doctor Smart Team

Doctor Smart Team
Doctor Smart Team
The Team

The Advisors of Doctor Smart

Doctor Smart Advisors
Doctor Smart Advisors
The Advisors

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